Inji Iduppazhagi Movie Review by Common Man


Inji Iduppazhagi Movie Review by Common Man:

Anushka is one of the luckiest & hardworking actresses in South Indian Cinema who had acted in 2 big budget female oriented movies – Arundathi & Rudhramadevi. Arundathi is one of the very few dubbed movies, which turned to be blockbuster in Tamil Nadu.  She has done the role of fatty girl in Inji Iduppazhagi & first look posters of the movie created good expectations.  Usually, when big stars acts in bilingual movies, both the versions get diluted as they have to compromise few things to satisfy both languages.  Let us see whether Inji Iduppazhagi satisfies the Common Man in this review.

Story – It travels around the life of fatty Anushka, who falls in love with Arya and tries to become thin.

Anushka – There hasn’t been any example of actresses in Indian Cinema before, where an actress had put on so much weight to portray a character in the film since the character demanded. In each & every frame, she impresses with her acting skills.

Arya – He doesn’t have much scope in the movie. Kudos to him for doing this kind of role, in which heroine completely overshadows him.

Prakash Raj & Urvashi – Most talented actors of Indian Cinema are wasted in this movie without any doubt.

Many actors like Jiiva, Tamannah, Hansika, Simha, Nagarjuna, etc appear in the movie for few seconds during the second half.

Cinematography by Nirav Shah along with VFX in the second half has come out quite well.

Editor Prawin Pudi – Movie runs for around 2 hours only, but it looks too dragging as the movie travels around without much interesting scenes.

Music Director Keervani – None of the songs impresses in Tamil Version. BGM was quite good.

Director Prakash Kovelamudi – Kudos to him for taking a wonderful plot (Accept yourself, what you are). But, he couldn’t engage the audience as few scenes looked preaching in the second half. He couldn’t entertain the audience with this plot, which movies like Vinayakudu (Telugu) & Da Thadiya (Malayalam) managed to do.

Overall,  Anushka carries the whole movie on her shoulders & tries to save it, but couldn’t deliver it due to average screenplay.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2 .25 / 5


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