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Aamir Khan – He is definitely one of the leading actors in the World Cinema, who experiments a lot. He has the habit of breaking all the existing records of Indian Cinema with his latest releases. ‘’PK’’ is one of the movie which doesn’t break only Indian records, but also created records in other parts of the world. Trailer of the movie clearly depicted the plot & mood of the movie. People also felt that the movie may be similar to Salman Khan’s Sultan which also travels along the life of Wrestler. But, Aamir surprises us almost every time. Let us see whether this movie satisfies only the Bollywood audience or Aamir fans or Sports Movie Lovers or even the Common Man in this Review.

Story: As the trailer clearly depicted, Aamir Khan is Ex. National Level Champion Wrestler, who couldn’t achieve his dream of winning medal for India due to his family financial issues. Hence, he decides to coach his daughters & make his dream come true through them. What happens next forms the Crux of the story?

Almost the whole story was revealed in the trailer itself. But, the intelligence in the screenplay, which has equal measures of Women Empowerment, Patriotism, Dad – Daughter Emotional Scenes & good humour engages the audience completely.

Story is written by 4 individuals. But, in our Kollywood, most of the directors makes sure story, screenplay & direction belongs to only them. Script is the most important weapon for success of any movie. Hence, it would be better if we also follow Bollywood & Mollywood, by giving more respect to script writers, so that we can see lots of good movies in Kollywood too.

Aamir Khan – Kudos to him for doing this role. He worked for months to get a perfect body like wrestler, which is shown in the screen only for seconds. You may miss it even if you blink your eyes. Most of our South Indian Actors would have not accepted to do this script or would have requested to modify the script in such a way that their life is shown as wrestler after working out this much hard for physique.

Whole movie travels around ‘Geeta’ & ‘Babita’(Aamir’s daughters), but even then, Aamir Khan impresses us a lot with his wonderful acting skills. Small girls who have done the role of Geeta & Babita deserve special mention. Fatima, Sanya, Zaira & Suhani have lived the roles of Geeta & Babita.

Sakshi Tanwar – She is the luckiest girl in 2016. When top are heroines are waiting in queue for doing a movie with Aamir Khan, she has received this golden opportunity. Aamir’s Khan Mom seems to be an Avid TV watcher & big fan of Sakshi. Hence, Aamir Khan recommended her for this role. It is difficult to think of any other actress in this role, as she has fit the role perfectly.

Khan’s of Bollywood have started giving importance to the script & satisfy world audience, instead of satisfying only their fans. Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Sultan were blockbusters throughout the world. Shah Rukh’s Fan was one of the boldest movies, in which he clearly conveys the message his fans not to spoil their lives for him, but live their life.

But, our South Indian Actors keep selecting the Directors who give Commercial Success with template script, punch dialogues, intro songs & action scenes. The major reason behind this is, they feel that their movie will be a blockbuster, if they satisfy their fans alone. But, Fans would also celebrate them if they act in unique scripts. Jayam Ravi whose career was going down during 2013-2015, came back strongly with one of the best screenplay in Kollywood – ’Thani Oruvan’’ in 2015. If one of our leading actors has acted in that movie, imagine how their fans would have felt. They would have celebrated the movie for decades. It is high time that our leading actors give importance to script, rather than usual commercial entertainers.

Cinematographer Sethu Sriram– Most of the theaters which screened the movie had atmosphere like stadiums. Audience too felt there were inside the stadium and stared shouting for each and every point, Geeta scores.

Editing Ballu Saluja – Editing a sports movie is the toughest one. But, it seems to be too easy for him. Movie runs for around 3 hours. But, audiences were completely engaged. Critics, Audience & even Producers feel 2 hours is the perfect duration for current generation audience. But, this movie proves that, if the script is engaging, even 3 hours shouldn’t be a problem.

Music Director Pritam – BGM & Songs adds more value to the movie

Director Nitest Tiwari – Taking a real life incident & with the story, which the people already knows would have been the biggest challenge for him, but he has delivered it with complete ease. When National Anthem is played in this movie during the climax sequence, people applauded & shed a drop of tear. Patriotism doesn’t comes through Court Order, People have to feel it & it happens at theaters naturally now.

Movie may break all Indian Records and join 400 – 500 Cr clubs. Even People who have never watched Wrestling till now knows the rules of the game & definitely, they will watch and support Indian players in the future international games. Parents would support their daughters to participate in Wrestling – Real Success of the movie.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 3.75 / 5

Rating of this movie for the people who loved Lagaan, Irudhi Sutru, ChakDe India, Sultan – 4.5 / 5


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